2019-08-06 Rosehill Operating - Greg Hamill

Thank you for your time to photograph you.  Below are your individual "Proof" galleries.  You are able to click your picture and enter into your gallery.  You are also able to download and keep any of these photos you would like.  Please review your image and determine which image has the best expression for you.  If you can't decide, I would be more than happy to select for you.

Then just hit the "Contact"  button on the left and let me know your choice image # (found in the filename) as well as anything special you may want done to the image.  I will do a general clean up of the image and load it back into your gallery(it will be the first image in your gallery with the word edit in it's filename)  I will also start a new gallery of retouched images for Leslie to be able to easily download and pass along to the web design team.

If you have any questions, please let me know by just hitting the contact button on the left.  Thank you again for your time and efforts.  Have a great day!

Completed Images

Proof Galleries

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