Thank you once again to BOK Financial for sponsoring The Headshot Booth at NAPE Summit 2023.  This is the seventh year that they have made all this possible.  Headshots are a critical tool in  "Deal Making"  they work 24/7 making first impressions to prospective buyers, business partners, and potential employment opportunities.  I can't  imagine the number strong and positive first impressions that have been made over the years with the headshots BOK Financial has graciously provided.

Retouching Packages

I try my best to make headshots ready to download and use but sometimes an image needs a little attention to make things shine on you profile.  A special retouching package is available to all NAPE attendees with headshots.  The cost is $30 per image and includes most things like hair adjustments, blemish removal, teeth whitening, and clothing adjustments.  

Please hit the contact me button and provide me the image number/s you would like to have retouched.  I will invoice you through Square and can have the images back within a week.

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