Retouching Packages

I try my best to make headshots ready to download and use but sometimes an image needs a little attention to make things shine on you profile.  A special retouching package is available to all NAPE attendees with headshots.  The cost is $30 per image and includes most things like hair adjustments, blemish removal, teeth whitening, and clothing adjustments.  

Please hit the contact me button and provide me the image number/s you would like to have retouched.  I will invoice you through Square and can have the images back within a week.

Removing the Boxes from your Images

In an effort to use the best possible lighting, I try to get the lights close to you.  Sometimes the back of the lights are visible in the pictures.  If you crop it square it should remove the boxes but for some it won't.   If you would like the back of he lights removed from your favorite image, please let me know by hitting the Contact Me button and sending the image number you would like corrected.  There is no charge for this and images will be returned relatively quickly.

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