Thank you to NAPE for once again bringing the Headshot Booth back to Summer NAPE as a value-add service for all attendees!  NAPE not only creates an environment conducive to deal making, they provide the foundation of making your business shine.  

Headshots are in-demand right now and considered your best self promotion/marketing asset.  First impressions are often made on some type of social media and having a great headshot is critical to making that first impression positive.  Hopefully with your new headshots posted, you might be able to find a new person to make a deal with, a new employee, a new job, or a new opportunity that has been waiting for you

Thank you again to NAPE and all the Expo attendees that stopped by the Headshot Booth.  I consider it an honor to be given the chance to photograph you.

Retouching packages are available for your images at a rate of $35 per image.  You are free to download and use your images as they are but if you wanted to have to really sparkle and shine, a retouching package is the way to go.  It includes everything possible on your photo.  If you are interested, please click on the contact me now button and let me know the image number.

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