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Thank you to NAPE for having me back for my 5th Summer NAPE Expo.   It is always so much fun to interact with all you and the "deal making" energy is very contagious.  NAPE realized early on the value of a compelling business headshot in the deal making and networking process.  We all look people up on LinkedIn or Google prior to meeting them and learn a great deal just from a picture.  Headshots are our primary self promotion piece that is constantly making first impressions for us and it is my goal to ensure that each of you makes a great first impression with your headshot.

Below you will find the galleries from today broken out into the hour you stopped by the booth.  Just click on the time and look for your image to download, keep, and use however you like.  It's a huge value that NAPE is providing you, at your convenience and while in the deal making state of mind.  Who knows what this new headshot will bring your way?  

I do offer retouching to these images, if you wanted a little more enhancement.  It is a separate service from the NAPE complimentary offering and not mandatory by any means.  I try to capture the images as best I can in camera, so that you can upload to your social media right away.  Sometimes though a little Photoshop can greatly improve the impact of your image and first impression.  If you are interested in the retouching package, it is $30 per image and you need to hit the "Contact" button on the left to provide me with your name, image number you would like retouched, as well as anything special you would like done to the image.  

Every year, one of the main questions I get is "Can I order prints of my image?"  The answer is yes.  You can either download your image and have it printed at any place of your choosing or you can simply click on the buy image button.  This allows you to order prints, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and a million other options at a special NAPE discounted price.  This is a convenient way for you to get what you need and you can be assured that the prints will be high quality.  I'm trying to make it easier for you.

The last thing is that I know a lot of you are "dealmakers" and small businesses.  If you would like to incorporate your image into a graphic design, please let me know.  I can work with you to understand your needs and make your image easy to cut and paste onto your marketing pieces, email sign offs, expo give aways, and hundreds of other options.  Remember, people want to know who they are buying from, meeting with, and doing business with so your headshot is your best marketing piece.  

Thank you again to NAPE for an amazing expo and the opportunity to interact with all of you.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for all your efforts in making some really compelling images.

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