There’s no denying that social media has evolved into a personal online identity. In today’s competitive business environment, you need more than just a half-decent profile picture to stand out from the crowd. Your photo should reflect your brand, your potential, and your passion.

As a fully mobile photographer, I can work around your busy schedule. I use portable lighting equipment and can be setup and ready to go in 20 mins.  I customize the lighting for each individual to ensure you have your best foot forward.

I shoot tethered to my laptop, which means you will be able to preview the shot right after it is taken. This allows me to visually coach you into position and a chance for you to give feedback. You will be able to see how small changes in expression and posture can transform your photo’s energy.  I go the extra step of tethering on almost all of my portraits (including outdoors) because it is the one thing that ensures both the photographer and client are on the same page throughout their time together.

I do all my own retouching of images in Adobe Photoshop and can accommodate just about any request for manipulation of images. Color correcting, sharpening, minor blemish removal, and dodging/burning are included with all final images. 

****Group and Business discounts are available*****

Basic “Modern Business Headshot” Package

* 30-minute session held at my studio space with a consultation prior to the shoot. 

• Customized lighting to accentuate your positives and give the image some pop

• Instant viewing of images on my computer screen after each set of shots.

• Within 2-3 business days, proof photos are delivered in an online album for review (you can share the link with friends or family to get their opinions).

• 2 professionally retouched photos of your choice

• Retouched photos delivered within 2-3 days in an online album offering full resolution downloads, prints, and other items.

• This package can be customized to meet your needs ie: Hair/makeup, extensive retouching, different locations or backdrops....

I accept cash, check, or credit card

I also collect Texas State and Local Sales Tax for all jobs at 8.25% (Local tax rate may vary depending on physical location of the photo shoot)

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