The Headshot Photo Booth - Greg Hamill

The Headshot Photo Booth

The Headshot Photo Booth, by Greg Hamill Photography, is a ready-made solution for outshining your competition at trade shows and conferences. Offering headshots as a value-add is a creative and effective way to entice potential attendees to register for your event or to stop by your booth.

There is no denying that professional headshots are in demand, since social media platforms are where first impressions are made.   When headshots are offered as a value-add service at an event or conference, people prioritize getting a new one, which will help them further their career.

The Headshot Booth is fully scalable to meet your needs.  If you want to attract as many expo attendees as possible, or provide a high-quality gift to a small group of people at a presentation, The Headshot Booth will meet and exceed your expectations and provide your company brand equity for years to come. 

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