It’s a very personal thing to have your picture represent you on your business cards, website and social media. I know the feeling all too well. That photo is our brand, our best marketing tool… and many times, our first impression to potential clients.

How many people Google "katy, tx real estate agent" every day? What comes up? Your picture along with hundreds of others.

This is where first impressions are made all day, every day without us even knowing it. Potential clients are making quick judgements and decisions about us based on our image. You can have a well-lit and in-focus picture, but if the expression is not conveying your brand, then it's time to change it.

I am a new option for you when you find yourself in need of business portraits.

As a fully mobile photographer, I am able to produce the highest quality of images at a location and time convenient to you or your company.

I use the highest quality mobile lighting along with a camera that produces images you could use on a billboard. I shoot tethered to my computer which allows us to view the image on a large screen, just seconds after it’s taken. This helps me direct you into position with visual help and the opportunity to incorporate your feedback. I finish all portraits in Adobe Photoshop and can accommodate any request you may have.

You will be confident in the images I take and know they are working for you, that is my goal.  

Individual Packages

Basic                       $150.00

This is for the agents with a budget concern. You still get the same high quality of images without the added cost of travel and setup fees.  

* Includes 30 mins of studio time at my location

* Private on-line proofing gallery posted on the day of shoot

* You get (2) high resolution, fully retouched digital images of your choice, usually a 2 day turn around time unless needed faster

* Retouching includes blemish removal, skin softening and evening, sharpening, color correction, and other minor  clean up

* Includes customized lighting set up and instant photo review on a large 4K monitor

* All images will be keyworded with your information to help make you rise to the top of search engine results

* Unlimited usage rights 

Professional            $250.00

This option is for the busy professional who needs the photo taken at a time and location of convenience. It includes all travel and set-up fees.

* Includes the basic package  plus some extra

* 45 minutes of shooting time

* You get 3 fully retouched photos

The $ Maker          $400

This is for professionals looking to make a major impact with their digital imagery. Beyond the typical headshots and professional-quality photographs, this package includes photos featuring professionals in their own environment working hard.

* Includes 2 hours of shooting time, inside or outside.  We will be able to use multiple locations.

* In addition to the 2 headshots you will be able to get 2  environmental or action shots.  

Team or Company Packages

I have many different options to meet your needs and budget. This includes all travel and set-up fees. All packages will be shot on the same day at the same location unless otherwise agreed upon. I usually schedule people in 20-minute increments and send proofs to them that day. These packages include two (2) high-resolution, fully-retouched images per person, unlimited usage rights to the images, keyworded to help your name climb the SEO ladder:

Group of  5 people              $   500.00 ($100 per person)

Group of 10 people             $   800.00 ($80  per person)

Group of 20 people             $1,200.00  ($60 per person)

* additional images can be purchased for $20 each

* add a group shot into the offering for $75

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